building communities one snack at a time

PIE (Promoting Independent Employment) is a small Portland company that supplies and services vending machines. And we’re much, much more.

Throughout history, minorities have struggled to find employment. When the system fails them, many resort to finding their own niche.

So it is with Autistic people. A new generation is approaching adulthood and looking for employment in their communities. More and more, they’re creating their own opportunities as entrepreneurs.

Welcome to PIE. So far, it’s a one-man show. Alex (plus his support staff) fills vending machines with tasty snacks, providing excellent, personalized service to forward-thinking Portland businesses. We hope to expand and give opportunities to more local Autistic people who yearn for a useful and dignified role in our culture. 

Are you intrigued? Do you and your coworkers like to snack? If you have three square feet of floor space and an electrical outlet, together we can create vibrant social change.