Become Our Partner

Would you like a reliable, personalized vending service for your place of business, while being on the cutting edge of the Autistic-owned small business movement? Partner with us, and you can do both.

We’re excited to offer a limited number of opportunities to join us in this revolutionary new business model. 

Here’s what you get:

Delivery and set up of a vending machine at no charge to you. Just pay your electricity bill. We do the rest.

Personalized selection.
Sally down in accounting prefers Sriracha almonds to cinnamon almonds? No problem. Love Snickers and hate Mounds? Just tell Alex. He’ll amend the shopping list. Vending doesn’t get more personalized than this.

Some vending company personnel show up sporadically, waiting till half the snack slots are empty before gracing your office with their presence. Not us. Alex will stop by every week to service your machine. It’s part of his employment program, and part of our commitment to keeping your favorite snacks freshly stocked.

A positive connection.
Almost everywhere we go, our customers tell us somebody on staff has an Autistic family member, friend or acquaintance. Often they’re startled to see someone as affected as Alex working so independently. Our vending business brings positive feelings, connections, and hope for better opportunities for the Autistic people in everybody’s lives. This benefit is intangible but priceless.

Really, really good press. 
Businesses everywhere live in terror of that bad Yelp review or Facebook post about a wheelchair-bound customer who couldn’t access a restaurant or a staff person treating an Autistic person rudely. When your business supports our form of social enterprise, you are making a preemptive strike against those who might question your commitment to diversity. We’ll be blogging about our partners and promoting them on social media. We also expect to be covered by the business and differently-abled media, including print, radio, TV and blogs. We’ll definitely be bragging about our partners.

When you partner with us, you’re breathing life into a jobs program for people who look unemployable to most of the world. You’re positioning yourself as a business who can see beyond the quirky presentation of Autism. You’re going to look good. And you’ll get a personalized array of fresh, excellent snacks.

Email us today if you’re interested in this opportunity.

We'd Like to thank our current partners: